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Prayer Moves the Arm that Moves the World

April 24, 2014 by J. D. Greear

I’ve been struck recently at how many parallels there are between Luke and Acts. The two books, of course, were originally one volume. Think of Luke/Acts like a hand and a glove. In Luke, we see the shape of the divine hand in the person of Jesus. Then in Acts, … Read More »



An Open Letter to Worship Leaders

Dear Worship Leaders, I have the opportunity every year to worship with many different churches, as well as various chapel services at seminaries, colleges, and parachurch ministries. The vast majority of these worship settings include at least a few modern worship songs. By modern worship songs, I mean the type … Read More »

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In Defense of Short-term Mission Trips

One of the most curious things about the book of Acts is how Luke goes out of his way to show his readers the gospel spread around the world faster by laypeople than by apostles. Acts 8 begins, “They were all scattered throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria, except the … Read More »

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Book Notice: Preaching the Farewell Discourse

You can’t say you weren’t informed. Scott Kellum’s fine new book, Preaching the Farewell Discourse: An Expository Walk-Through of John 13:31–17:26, is published (B&H, 2014) and available for purchase. Kellum, Associate Professor of Greek and New Testament at SEBTS, is perfectly positioned to write this book, as he is both … Read More »

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Three Lessons From Jesus In His Darkest Valley

Every year, as Easter approaches, I’m tempted to rush through passion week and just focus on the resurrection. It’s such a beautiful and empowering end to the story, a message that both Christians and non-Christians need on a daily basis. But as I re-read the passion narrative this week, it … Read More »

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Recommended Resource: The Story ESV Bible

Over the past several years, many evangelicals have found The Story gospel tract and its companion website to be an effective tool in sharing the gospel with unbelievers. At Southeastern, nearly all of our students in personal evangelism and global missions courses are trained using The Story. When I have … Read More »

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Worshipping with Outsiders in Mind

I’ve been re-reading Tim Keller’s Center Church, an immensely helpful and frequently challenging book. Among Keller’s many insights, I was recently struck by his discussion of worship. Here is a modified summary of that section, with my own editorial notes interspersed (from pp. 303–307): Three Underlying Principles for “Evangelistic Worship Services” 1. … Read More »

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What if a Nation Self-Exterminates? The Disturbing Situation in Japan

The Japanese have stopped having children. Or more precisely, they are not having enough children to maintain the nation’s population. According to a recent article in The Week magazine (“Japan’s Population Crisis”, 01-07-14, p. 11), Japan’s population is “dropping rapidly” and will soon be declining at a rate of one million per … Read More »

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Book Notice: “Truth Matters: Confident Faith in a Confusing World”

It is no small secret that university religion departments often provide a lush environment for professors who wish to undercut the historic Christian faith. In recognition of this fact, and in an attempt to respond to such criticisms, Andreas Köstenberger, Josh Chatraw, and Darrell Bock recently published Truth Matters: Confident … Read More »

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5 Lessons from the Life of Stephen

One of the outworkings of the gospel is that it will inevitably reorder your value system. This is exactly what we find in the book of Acts, in the life of an ordinary man name Stephen – he realized the value of the gospel and was willing to risk everything … Read More »

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