Al Mohler on Whether Or Not We Will Flinch

June 9, 2010 by Bruce Ashford

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For those readers who appreciate wisdom and eloquence, I happily refer to you Al Mohler’s recent piece on the upcoming SBC 2010, “A Moment of Decision: Will Southern Baptists Face the Future, or Will We flinch?,” which is posted at and

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One Response to “Al Mohler on Whether Or Not We Will Flinch”

  1. Greg says:

    I read this article by Dr. Mohler and his passion for the SBC and the GCR are obvious and commendable. However, he seems to set up a false dichotomy for this vote. I have no doubt that the men on the GCR Task Force are intelligent, godly men but that does not guarantee that there suggestions are the best next step for our convention. We need to be careful not to make a vote against the GCR as definitely “flinching.” Perhaps, there is middle ground where someone could suggest another option to one of the debated topics in the GCR report. There are some serious questions about certain parts of the GCR that I have not heard adequate answers too. My fear is we are trying to push people into voting for the GCR my making them feel guilty is they do not. That is simply not the way Christians should work.

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