Should I Give to my Local Church First … Or to Other Ministries

Recently J.D. Greear responded to a common question on his blog: Should I give to my local church first, or to other ministries. In his article, J.D. writes:

Of the many questions that people perennially ask pastors, some of the most uncomfortable ones are about financial giving. Most of the questions I get about money go back to the idea of the tithe, the Old Testament principle of giving the first 10% of our income back to God. (For those who are curious, you can read my thoughts on tithing here.) But another huge question I get is about the destination of our giving. In other words, should I be giving to my local church, or is it okay to redirect my “tithe” to other ministries?

To read the entire article, head over to J.D.’s blog.

Kingdom Diversity Podcast: BJ Thompson

In this episode of the Kingdom Diversity Podcast, Maliek Blade sits down with BJ Thompson. BJ is the co-found of Build a Better Us which is a non-profit organization that serves churches by focusing on strengthening the connection between husband and wife, as well as fiancés and other couples. Maliek and BJ discuss singleness, dating, and marriage for the glory of God.  Subscribe to the Kingdom Diversity Podcast here.