How Should We Understand Genesis 1-2?

The opening chapters of the Bible have been the subject of many debates. Since it is the account of the beginning of the entire created universe, it raises many questions that relate to cosmology, biology, theology, and hermeneutics. What is really being said in those first two chapters of Scripture? Dr. Ken Keathley invites us to ask ourselves what the worldview of the original audience would have been, as well as determine the purpose of creation account. Once we get our hermeneutic right, we can start to ask the questions that involve science and other studies such as: “Were they 6 literal days of creation?” and “How old is the earth?” Take a couple of minutes to watch this video where Dr. Keathley provides some expertise, as well as a helpful perspective on such a controversial couple of chapters.

Are Allah and God the Same Being?

In this Exploring Hope Video, Dr. Jamie Dew sits down with Timothy George to discuss Christianity and Islam. Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? Is it possible that our religions just look different culturally and practically, but at are actually aimed at the same divine being? Are the differences fundamental or just peripheral? These are very important questions given some of the similarities between these two religions, particularly regarding monotheism and the shared history of these religions. Yet, there are some differences that are irreconcilable. Watch Timothy George as he explains and answers these questions.

How Should We Understand the Gospel? (With D.A. Carson)

What is the gospel? How would you describe it if asked? What we believe and understand about the gospel is at the very core of who we are as Christians, and will affect the way we talk, the manner in which we conduct our lives, and most importantly the reason for which we live our lives. The gospel is where it all has to start as it is the basis for our evangelism and for our own salvation. Watch this video in which Dr. Keith Whitfield discusses with Dr. D.A. Carson the depth of what the gospel is, and how we should rightly understand it.