Kingdom Diversity Podcast: Matthew Hall

In episode No. 2 of the Kingdom Diversity Podcast Dr. Matthew Hall is interviewed by Walter Strickland. They discuss Dr. Hall’s dissertation, how the Cold War and threat of Communism shaped how Southern Baptists constructed and interacted with ideas about race, theology, the Gospel and church. They also discuss how international missions challenged race relations in the Southern Baptist Convention during the Civil Rights Movement. Subscribe to the Kingdom Diversity Podcast here.


Kingdom Diversity Podcast: Thabiti Anyabwile

In episode 1 of the Kingdom Diversity Podcast, Thabiti Anyabwile is interviewed by Walter Strickland. They discuss Thabiti’s recent transition to Washington DC, pastoring a multi-cultural church in a mono-cultural context, and the crux of the difference between he and Voddie Baucham as it pertains to Ferguson. Subscribe to the Kingdom Diversity Podcast here. KD_PodcastAlbumArt_Small

The Kingdom Diversity Podcast: Segregation in the American Church Pew

A few weeks ago Walter Strickland and Ed Stetzer sat down to discuss LifeWay Research’s findings from January 2015: “Sunday Morning in America Still Segregated – and That’s OK With Worshippers.” The research can be found here.

This episode talks about:KD_PodcastAlbumArt_Small

  • 41% of pastors only address the issue of race once a year.
  • 67% of church goers said their church is doing enough to become racially diverse.
  • Where does the apathy about diversity come from?
  • How do we sway those who are complacent with the current state of diversity in their church?
  • Are we welcoming, but not necessarily engaging, the ethnic communities around us?

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