We Are Always Free to Follow Christ

This week’s installment from J. D. Greear comes from Chris Pappalardo, who shares an excerpt from Nik Ripken’s Insanity of God. Here’s an excerpt of Chris’s post, which introduces the lengthy excerpt from Ripken.

Years ago, while living in an overwhelmingly Muslim country, I (Chris) was privileged to hear a talk from Nik Ripken about the persecuted church throughout the world. That talk was both challenging and encouraging, and kept me hopeful during some dark trials of faith.


Ripken has shared many of those stories in his Insanity of Godan appropriately named title for some of the downright crazy things God is doing today. One theme that comes up—again and again and again—is the possibility of freedom even in the midst of persecution. We are always free to follow Christ. That’s a lesson we need to cling to, even here in the United States.

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The Great Commission is Completed Through Multiplication Not Addition

Recently, J. D. Greear blogged a portion of his forthcoming book, Gaining by Losing: Why the Future Belongs to Churches that Send. In the book (and the post), he discusses the principles or “plumblines” that orient his vision of mission and church planting. Here’s an excerpt:

Jesus’ vision of the church was not a group of people gathered around one anointed leader, but multiple leaders going out in the power of the Spirit. It’s a claim that very few of us take seriously: Jesus literally said that that a multiplicity of Spirit-filled leaders would be greater than his earthly, bodily presence (John 14:12).

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Teachers Needed in Seoul, South Korea

This week, the Center for Great Commission Studies advertised a call for three teachers and a chaplain in an international school in Seoul, South Korea. Here is a portion of the advert:

I am writing to you now with a request…We need strong education-minded missionaries here in Seoul…specifically an Elementary School Chaplain, an ES Physical Education teacher, an ES Reading Specialist, and an Education Technology Specialist for the coming 15-16 school year.

If you are interested in going, read the full post here.