Exploring Hope Podcast: Putting Poverty into Perspective

This week on the Exploring Hope Podcast, Dr. Dew sits down with Dr. David Jones, Professor of Christian Ethics at SEBTS, to ask him about poverty. We tend to have one of two perspectives regarding the poor. Some see homeless people and can only imagine poor life choices, failures in self-control, or the lack of work ethic that put them there. Others see it differently. They see oppression, inequality, and the neglect of our culture as the primary causes of such poverty. So which perspective is right? And more importantly, what should the Christian do in response to poverty? Dr. Jones helps us think it through.



Kingdom Diversity Podcast: Jay Cameron

In this episode of the Kingdom Diversity Podcast, Pastor Jay Cameron shares why debt and finances are important subjects for Pastors to engage.

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Exploring Hope Podcast: Do babies go to heaven when they die?

This episode of the Exploring Hope podcast examines a very sobering and solemn topic: Do babies go to heaven when they die? Do they go to heaven? Of course, we all immediately desire that the answer is yes, and we hope, pray, and believe that is the case for those who die so young that they never were able to respond to the Gospel. But do we have any biblical warrant for believing this? Is our emotional response indicative of the truth, or is it in spite of the truth of the bible? Dr. John Hammett, Professor of Theology at SEBTS, sits down with Dr. Dew to discuss the theological and scriptural evidences for this claim. Tune in!