Exploring Hope Podcast: Why Does the History of Ideas Matter for Us?

On this episode of the Exploring Hope Podcast, Dr. Dew sits down with Dr. John Wilsey to discuss the history of ideas. It may not immediately sound like the kind of topic that would be very interesting or applicable, but Dr. Wilsey, an expert in intellectual history, shows how fundamental history is to our faith. After all, we believe in a historical incarnation, death, and resurrection that the whole flow of human history centers on. So, our study and understanding of history shouldn’t be just an afterthought or even a hobby; it should shape us and guide us. Dr. Wilsey points to individuals such as Alexis de Tocqueville and others who have so much to teach us about culture and faith.



Dr. Bruce Little: Theology & Culture

In this episode of the Exploring Hope Podcast, Dr. Bruce Little, professor of philosophy, joins Dr. Jamie Dew to talk about the intersection of Christian theology and the culture we inhabit.

What models, what methodologies are used to understand the relationship between the church and culture? Which model should Christians use? Is culture what the bible is talking about when it says “the spirit of the age?” Dr. Little explains his own view and gives a helpful perspective on the balancing act that the church has to employ when engaging culture.



Exploring Hope Podcast: Was Jesus a Republican? A Discussion on Christian Politics.

This week on Exploring Hope, Dr. Dew sits down down with our Provost here at Southeastern, Dr. Bruce Ashford. They discuss the intersection of faith and politics as he answers the question of whether or not Jesus was/is a republican. Dr. Ashford clarifies and re-frames this question that many wonder about to make it more contextually sound and helpful. He notes the transcendence of Jesus over things like partisanship, but also shares how He was profoundly political in his message and mission. Tune in to hear the whole conversation!