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A Missiology for the Academy (3): Three Practical Steps & A Conclusion

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There are many ways to minimize God’s glory. One way is to reduce his Lordship to immaterial “spiritual” things like our devotional lives and personal ethics. Those things are very, very important, and in fact build the core muscles with which we do everything in life. But alongside of those … Read More »

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A Missiology for the Academy (2): Five Reasons the Universities Matter

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1. The Universal Nature of Christ’s Lordship Jesus Christ is Lord over the academy, just as he is Lord over everything else, and this Lordship is best understood in relation to three great truths. First, God created us as the type of beings who teach and learn. He endowed us … Read More »

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A Missiology for the Academy (1): The University as an Unreached People Group

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Located in the heart of modern Germany is a small town called Fritzlar, which was called Geismar during the middle ages. In the middle of Fritzlar stands an ancient stone cathedral, and at the front of the cathedral is a statue of a monk standing upon a tree stump, wielding … Read More »

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