In Case You Missed It

1) At Christianity Today, this young Iraqi girl — living in a mall in Mosul because her family would likely be killed by ISIS if they went outside — teaches the Arab world and us about forgiveness.

2) Anthony Bradley argues at World Magazine that talk of Jesus and social justice among evangelicals often ignores the largest group in the U.S., poor whites.

3) From First Things, Matthew Schmitz points out the ironically traditional view of the family held by gay fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana.

4) At Facts and Trends, Chris Martin and Marty Duren note several hashtag dos and don’ts for churches.

5) For helpful stuff on faith and culture, check out the new Intersect Project hosted by SEBTS in partnership with the Kern Family Foundation.

Three Surprising Essentials to Spiritual Success

Recently, J. D. Greear drew attention to the little noticed judge, Ehud, and the three lessons he provides us for spiritual vitality before God. Here’s an excerpt:

1. God’s Savior would come in weakness.


The book of Judges opens with Joshua, a mighty general, leading a strong Israelite army. But once Joshua dies, Israel’s leaders begin to look very different. Ehud is one of Israel’s first judges, and something is wrong with his right hand. Most of our English translations just call him “left-handed,” but scholars point out that he’s actually described as a man who “can’t use his right hand.” Either at birth or through some accident, Ehud was disabled. So he’s not a traditional warrior. Still, in the end, he leads the Israelite army to defeat Eglon’s army.

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