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Dragged Into the Kingdom, Kicking and Screaming

C. S. Lewis has one of the more intriguing stories of conversion. In his autobiography, Surprised by Joy, he called himself “the most dejected, reluctant convert in all of England . . . drug into the kingdom kicking, struggling, resentful, and darting his eyes in every direction for a chance of escape.” … Read More »

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Business, Vocation, and the Great Commission

This week the Bush Center, along with the Acton Institute, hosts the “Business, Vocation, and the Great Commission” conference. The meeting addresses three important subjects: 1) a biblical approach to a free market economy; 2) a practical approach for Christians to do workplace ministry; and 3) developing a missiological strategy … Read More »

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New SEBTS Online Course on Islam

Many if not most Christians need to understand Islam, both as a religion and a culture, in order to pursue faithful witness to Christ in the 21st century. Questions about Islam’s origins, iterations, practices, and its relation to Christianity must be considered in the effort to understand and witness. To … Read More »

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The Bittersweet Blessing of a Missionary’s Parents

The more that the vision of church planting catches on at a church, the more young people find themselves in an all-too-common dilemma—feeling God’s call to missions while facing parents who are opposed to the idea. I still remember the difficult conversation I had with my parents soon after I … Read More »

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On Scripture Meditation

In the circles in which I run, many folks seem nervous about meditation, mostly because they equate meditation with anti- or sub-Christian practices. This is understandable. A quick walk through the “Self Help” or “Religion” section at a Barnes and Noble will demonstrate that meditation is all the rage, regardless … Read More »

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How Can We Plant 1,000 Churches by 2050?

If you’re familiar with the Summit at all, you’ve heard our vision of planting 1,000 churches by 2050. When I first floated the number, it was a mix between a hunch (based on a round number) and a Spirit-led ambition, something in the line of William Carey’s “Expect great things … Read More »

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St. Patrick and the Great Commission

When most Americans think of St. Patrick’s Day, they probably either think of the legend of Patrick driving out all the snakes from Ireland or they think about all the drinking and partying that takes place on this day. This is likely just as true for Christians as for non-Christians. … Read More »

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Four Ways You Should Pray for Your Pastors

One of the greatest joys in my life is serving as pastor. But ministry can be both messy and exhausting. That’s why I am so thankful for the prayer warriors in our congregation. I truly believe that one of the main reasons the Summit has grown is simply that God … Read More »

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“As One Who Had Authority”: A Reminder to Theology Lovers

I am a theology lover. It all began the fall of my senior year of college, when I enrolled in a class titled History of Christian Thought. The class was an introductory historical theology course taught by the inimitable Doug Weaver. We read a fine survey of historical theology by … Read More »

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But in Multi-Site, I Don’t Know the Pastor

It has been nearly 10 years since The Summit Church moved to a multi-site strategy. We’ve learned a lot during that time, and continue to evaluate how this strategy is serving God, our people, and our community. One of the objections I hear a lot to our multi-site strategy is … Read More »

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