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The Story of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1950-2010 (Part Three)

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Author’s note: This year marks the sixtieth anniversary of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. This is the third of four posts commemorating that history. The Fastest-Growing Seminary in America, 1992-2003 Under Patterson’s leadership, the faculty completed its transition from theologically moderate to conservative. In addition to the Abstract of Principles, Patterson … Read More »

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Contours of a Great Commission Resurgence, Part 3: A Compelling Vision Grounded in Confessional Identity

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Contours of a Great Commission Resurgence is a series of articles by faculty of Southeastern Seminary that seeks to offer some definitions of what constitutes a GCR, why we believe the SBC is in need of such a movement, and what such a movement might look like in SBC life. … Read More »

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