Al Mohler: Southern Baptists Need to Talk about Salvation

Al Mohler has addressed and responded to the recent statement by a number of beloved and respected Southern Baptist on the issue of Salvation. It is absolutely superb and expresses my own heart and convictions perfectly. I wish I could say it as well as Al did! Read it and pray that God indeed will bring genuine unity and a healthy consensus among the family called Southern Baptist.

Al Mohler, on “Is the Megachurch the New Liberalism?”

My close friend Al Mohler has written a crucially important blog on the Megachurch and the challenges it faces today. In particular he addresses how we must faithfully, lovingly, graciously and truthfully address the issue of gender and homosexuality and how the Church must respond. I grieve that he had to write such an article but I am thankful that he did. It is a must read for those who love Christ, His Church, and the gospel. To access Dr. Mohler’s blog, click here.

Al Mohler on the Penn State Scandal

My friend and colleague Al Mohler has written a sobering but necessary article in light of the Penn State sexual abuse scandal. His words are insightful and prophetic and we are moved to share them with those who frequent this blog. May we all learn from this tragedy. In the article, “The Tragic Lessons of Penn State: A Call to Action,” Dr. Mohler comments on the Penn State tragedy, but also applies it to the nation as a whole. He writes, “The detonation of the Penn State scandal must shake the entire nation into a new moral awareness. Any failure to report and to stop the sexual abuse of children must be made inconceivable.” To access the article, click here.