In Case You Missed It

1) From First Things, Timothy George discusses the need for a thicker kind of mere Christianity, the kind originally intended.

2) Michael Kruger looks at Psalm 119 and describes five things every Christian should be doing with God’s word.

3) Ross Douthat of the New York Times critiques Ann Coulter’s critique of American Christianity, that it is too focused on international efforts and not enough on the States.

4) At his blog, the Exchange, Ed Stetzer interviews SEBTS Provost Bruce Ashford about cultural engagement, in every square inch of the culture.

Four Questions to Consider in Developing Your Theology of Culture

Thanks to a partnership with the Kern Family Foundation, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary recently launched the Intersect Project, a resource designed to help pastors equip their churches in the biblical view of the workplace and economy. A regular blog constitutes one feature of Intersect. The following is an excerpt from a post highlighting Bruce Ashford’s theology of culture in his new book, Every Square Inch

When we fail to consciously, actively develop a theology of culture, we operate on whatever theology is closest in proximity. Perhaps it is the theology of culture we have picked up tacitly from popular films. Maybe it comes from a family member. Or perhaps, if one is fortunate, it comes from childhood sermons. Regardless, and without knowing, we make decisions in every sphere of life that are informed by theology that has not been vetted by Scripture and our consciences. It is vital, therefore, that we examine our doctrine for the purpose of faithful living.

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