Exploring Hope Podcast: Should we believe in a historical Adam?

On this week’s episode of Exploring Hope Podcast, Dr. Dew has Dr. Ken Keathley in the studio to discuss theology and the Genesis account. Dr. Keathley is asked the important question of whether or not we as Christians should hold to a belief in a literal, historical Adam. There is much debate as to how much of the first chapters should be interpreted. In light of its genre, as well as scientific evidence about the first humans, the age of the earth, etc., many have moved away from literal interpretations of some of the events. So, naturally one would ask whether or not we should interpret Adam and Eve as metaphorical, poetic, or figurative characters, or two real people who lived in history and whose deeds were recorded in Genesis. Dr. Keathley explains the importance of this question and helps us understand how we should view the issue. Tune in!



Exploring Hope Podcast: Do babies go to heaven when they die?

This episode of Exploring Hope Podcast tackles the very sobering and solemn topic of the fate of infants and young children when they pass away. Do they go to heaven? Of course, we all immediately desire that the answer is yes, and we hope, pray, and believe that is the case for those who die so young that they never were able to respond to the Gospel. But do we have any biblical warrant for believing this? Is our emotional response indicative of the truth, or is it in spite of the truth of the bible? Dr. John Hammett, Professor of Theology at SEBTS, sits down with Dr. Dew to discuss the theological and scriptural evidences for this claim. Tune in!



Exploring Hope Podcast: A Christian Perspective on Abortion

Recently on the Exploring Hope Podcast, Dr. Jamie Dew talked with Dr. Bruce Ashford about the ever-controversial and heavy issue of abortion. They discuss some of the underlying considerations and assumptions that inhabit the issue and how that affects what you believe and what Christianity has had to say about it. Tune in to hear Dr. Ashford weigh in on the politics, ethics, and theology involved in abortion and its moral implications for our society discussed in his book One Nation Under God.

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