Five Ways We Sabotage Our Lives

J.D. Greear recently published an article which uses the story of Samson to show five ways we sabotage our lives. As J.D. writes:

Samson’s greatest enemy was himself. And that’s true for us as well. Aren’t there certain chapters in your life that you look back on and think, “What if I had just held my tongue?” Or, “Why couldn’t I have just controlled myself?” Or “What if I had just not returned that call?” One little decision sabotaged everything else.

Samson tells our story. He is a representative of the people of God, and a warning to us that our greatest enemy is never out there, but in here. His life shows us five ways that he sabotages everything from the inside out.

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Who Are the Weak Among Us Today?

J.D. Greear recently published an article on his blog discussing how as he finished preaching through a series on the book of Judges at his church he realized how easy it is to read Judges and condemn the people for their heinous acts. But, as J.D. writes:

[W]e’ve got to realize that we aren’t any different. What we see in Judges 17–21 is just the inevitable result of casting off the rule of God. It begins with re-defining morality, and it always ends with the strong oppressing the weak.

This raises the question for us: who are the weak among us today? Where has our society, in a frantic rush to dismiss the wisdom of God, left a trail of pain and brokenness in its wake?

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Should I Give to my Local Church First … Or to Other Ministries

Recently J.D. Greear responded to a common question on his blog: Should I give to my local church first, or to other ministries. In his article, J.D. writes:

Of the many questions that people perennially ask pastors, some of the most uncomfortable ones are about financial giving. Most of the questions I get about money go back to the idea of the tithe, the Old Testament principle of giving the first 10% of our income back to God. (For those who are curious, you can read my thoughts on tithing here.) But another huge question I get is about the destination of our giving. In other words, should I be giving to my local church, or is it okay to redirect my “tithe” to other ministries?

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