How Should We Understand the Gospel? (With D.A. Carson)

What is the gospel? How would you describe it if asked? What we believe and understand about the gospel is at the very core of who we are as Christians, and will affect the way we talk, the manner in which we conduct our lives, and most importantly the reason for which we live our lives. The gospel is where it all has to start as it is the basis for our evangelism and for our own salvation. Watch this video in which Dr. Keith Whitfield discusses with Dr. D.A. Carson the depth of what the gospel is, and how we should rightly understand it.

Exploring Hope Podcast: Young Earth Creationism and Evolution

This week on Exploring Hope Podcast, Dr. Keith Whitfield and Dr. Jamie Dew sit down with Dr. Ken Keathley to discuss the Young Earth Creationism movement championed by Ken Ham and others. What parts of Darwinism, if any, do YEC proponents accept? How does your view of the earth’s age influence a view of evolution? What is the difference between macro and micro evolution and with which view does our scientific evidence comport? Tune in as Dr. Keathley shares his expertise on these issues and helps us have a more informed opinion about the creation account and science!