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Book Notice: Matthew Emerson, “Christ and the New Creation”

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In case you were curious, yes indeed, freshly-minted SEBTS PhD graduate Matthew Emerson has published his first book, Christ and the New Creation: A Canonical Approach to the Theology of the New Testament (Wipf and Stock, 2013). Emerson (Assistant Professor, California Baptist University) offers a stimulating read on the theology … Read More »

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Theology & Culture (4): A Theology of Culture (Redemption and New Creation)

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[Note: The material in this installment is adapted from my forthcoming book, The Theology & Practice of Mission (B&H, Fall 2011).] The Bible’s third plot movement occurs immediately after the Fall. God gives not only a promise of death (Gen 2:17), but also a promise of life (Gen 3:15). He … Read More »

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