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The Church Planter’s Library (1): Introduction

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On Tuesday mornings, I drink and read. By 7:30 a.m., I am sitting around the table in my conference room with a rowdy group of guys, including some of the best students on campus. We start off by drinking coffee (unless Bryan Laughlin makes the coffee, in which case we … Read More »

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The Differences Between “Religion” and the Gospel

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Because of the craziness involved with the end of the spring semester followed immediately by a three-week summer class, over the past month or so I have not been as active in my blogging. I hope to start blogging in earnest against next week, when I will share my personal … Read More »

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God’s Guidelines for the “Gray Areas” of Life: Wise Decision-Making in a Wicked World, Part 4

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Ethical and moral decision-making presents a great challenge for devoted followers of Jesus in the 21st century context. In 1 Corinthians Paul provides helpful guidelines for navigating what could be called “the gray areas” of the Christian life. These biblical principles are true anywhere, anytime and under any circumstances. They … Read More »

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